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goodperson-are-youThere is nothing more important than telling people the good news of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the solution to every problem and every question. Jesus is the only hope of a dying world. No one enjoys talking about Hell and punishment but the Bible makes it clear that we will all be judged by our Creator (Jesus talks directly about Hell 11 times in the New Testament).

Our Creator's standards are not our own. He wont judge us in comparrison to our neighbours or the worst person we know. He will judge us according to the laws He has given us in his Word, His Bible. His Word is Truth. We have all fallen short of His Glory. Each one of us has sinned. each one of us has gone his own way. Each one of us has lied, stolen, coveted, blasphemed, looked with lust etc... 

Thankfully, God is a gracious and patient God. He doesn't want will that any should perish. Instead He offers us eternal life at the expense of His Son's life's Blood! Jesus clothed himslef in humilty, to be born as a child in an animal's shed (not a glorious palace!). He humbled himself by being confined to the restrictions of a mortal body that ached, got hungry and tempted. But He remained without sin. He did many miraculous things, healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons. He taught and instructed, speaking many amazing parables, instructions and commands. He prophesied and fulfilled Old Testament prohesy. He suffered at the hands of his creatures (us!) and was mocked and beaten. He gave His life as a sacrifice for many. He allowed us to nail him to a cross and crucify Him. He paid our punishment so that we might live. What greater sacrifice could any man make than to give His own life for those that hate him.

Do not harden your heart or be decieved by many of the world's religions. Do not buy into the lie of Evolution or Atheism and say that there is no God. Do not live your life as though you are your own God, for you were bought at a price. Repent, turn from your sin. Throw yourself upon His Mercy. He will hear your cry and have mercy on you. He loves it when His lost sheep return to him; He loves it when His prodigal Son's return home. He offers you forgiveness. There is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood and so God sent His Son Jesus to be the sacrifice.

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You don't need to be an officially appointed Ambasador for the Department of Eternal Affairs to begin sharing this Good News!  Tell as many people as you can about this amazing, free offer of eternal life. In eternity you will be glad that you did. Evangelize and ahare your faith on an interfaith dialogue forum.


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